Get to Know Me

Hi, I’m Jim Flauaus (rhymes with “house”), and I know first-hand the emotional, financial, and mental stress associated with IRS collection procedures. In the process of resolving my own tax matter some years ago, I determined to put the knowledge I gained in dealing with the IRS to help others who need a fresh start.

Today, though physically located in Virginia, I’m authorized by the Federal Government to represent taxpayers in all 50 states before the Internal Revenue Service.

I’m a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals, hold a Business Management degree from Notre Dame, and a Masters degree in Accounting from Old Dominion University.

Providing a personalized and affordable plan to resolve your IRS and state tax problems is our firm’s specialty.

Many clients start out trying to handle their IRS tax debt problems themselves but end up with negative results, or no results at all.

Let Us Develop An Action Plan to Put Your Tax Problem Behind You

  • Negotiating an offer for a discounted settlement–offer payment of a lower amount to wipe out your entire tax liability and release Federal Tax Liens

  • Asking for an appeal of the taxes owed–request that the IRS re-examine your case in order to reduce the amount you owe.
  • Requesting a reduction in penalties–present valid reasons for your tax problems and have the IRS reduce penalties to zero.
  • Offering a payment plan–offer the IRS a payment plan, or a partial payment plan, that is workable for you
  • Filing un-filed returns–you may still file original tax returns for past years, usually reducing the taxes and penalties owed.

The IRS has been kicking your tail long enough!

It’s time to start kicking theirs.Click here to schedule a free Tax Debt Relief Consult, and learn how to put your tax debt problem behind you, permanently.